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Annual school and sports physicals prepare your child for a new school year and determine whether playing sports is safe for their health. Advanced Pediatrics Medical Group, located in San Diego, California, offers comprehensive annual school and sports physical exams by two leading pediatricians, Dr. Jay Sadrieh and Dr. Sabiha Hussain. Schedule your appointment online or call the practice today for more information.

School and Sports Physicals Q & A

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What’s the difference between a school physical and a sports physical?

School physicals address your child’s health and developmental progress in relation to their age. Children undergo many changes as they grow, particularly with their height, weight, and physical appearance.

The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time for a physical. But this shouldn’t replace their routine checkups already scheduled with Dr. Sadrieh or Dr. Hussain.

A sports physical focuses on injury prevention when your child joins a sports team. It involves a health examination and a physical examination.

The health exam that’s part of the sports physical requires a look at your child’s medical history, including their allergies or notable illnesses such as asthma. The physical examination ensures your child can partake in the sport of their choice without it negatively impacting their health.

What happens during a school and sports physical?

The examination reviews the physical and developmental health of your child, including any developmental changes. Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain monitor the motor skills of younger children and make sure they’re developing as expected with the right amount of growth for their age.

Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain check your child’s blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. They measure your child’s height and weight, too. Sometimes, they may order additional testing, such as blood or urine tests, if necessary. Each of these tests helps Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain adequately assess the health of your child. If they’re not up-to-date, your child will receive immunizations, too.

During the examination, they may ask your child essential questions to understand both their physical and mental health further. Questions may pertain include:

  • Stress
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • Sexual behavior

Depending on their answers, Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain may prescribe treatment.

When is the best time to schedule the exams?

These examinations are scheduled annually. Scheduling your appointment before the school year starts is ideal. This way you can ensure your child is up-to-date on immunizations and ready to participate in sporting events.

Know your child is healthy, developing appropriately, and physically ready to join the sports team of their choice by scheduling a school and sports physical with Advanced Pediatrics Medical Group. Book an appointment online or call today to arrange your child’s examination.

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