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Children get sick often because their immune systems are weak and susceptible to any germs they encounter. Dr. Jay Sadrieh and Dr. Sabiha Hussain, two expert pediatricians at Advanced Pediatrics Medical Group located in San Diego, California, diagnose your child’s illness and provide appropriate, effective treatment so your child spends less time in bed and more time enjoying their childhood. Get the answers you need when you book your appointment online or call the clinic today.

Childhood Illnesses Q & A

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Why does my child get sick often?

A child’s immune system is prone to illnesses than adults because children haven’t been exposed to as many infections. Children build immunity to bacterial infections slowly. Additionally, toddlers are likely to put many things in their mouth and play with other children their age, making it easy for them to transfer germs back and forth.

What are common childhood illnesses?

The cold is the most common illness that affects children, and they can get colds more than five times a year. You might use over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen to lower your child’s fever associated with a cold, but if your child is six months of age or younger, it’s best to consult Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain for treatment.

Your child may contract other illnesses, such as:

  • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
  • Roseola
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Strep throat
  • Pinkeye

How can childhood illnesses be treated?

A great way to prevent childhood illnesses is to make sure your child’s immunizations are current. Immunizations expose your child to the bacteria of multiple illnesses so they build immunity. Common vaccinations for children, starting from birth to age 18 years include:

  • HPV
  • Polio
  • Influenza
  • Hepatitis B and C  

Additionally, when your child shows signs of discomfort or sickness, you should take them to Advanced Pediatrics Medical Group to be examined. Symptoms to watch out for include a sore throat, fever, and wheezing.

Many illnesses or health complications share similar symptoms, but Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain can accurately diagnose the problem to provide the right treatment. For example, you may suspect your child is sick because they have a running nose or a chronic cough, but your child may be experiencing an allergic reaction instead. Knowing the cause is the first step to providing effective treatment for your child. This way their symptoms are reduced, and they’ll feel better quickly.

Don’t scour the internet trying to diagnose your child’s symptoms. Take your child to Dr. Sadrieh and Dr. Hussain, two gentle, caring doctors at Advanced Pediatrics Medical Group, who can assess and monitor your sick child and treat them. Book your appointment today or call the clinic today.

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